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About Us

Rosenberg and Cooper’s professional global network of individuals and companies have over 20 decades’ combined worth of experience with in the precious stone and jewellery industry.

The Company prides itself on being at the forefront of the diamond market industry in respect of its worldwide diamond sourcing, market knowledge, client service levels, internal and external processes, integrity and its belief in transparency to all parties.

Our primary focus is to ensure that all of our clients’ gain market knowledge and obtain the best opportunities available, with a flawless entry and exit strategy into one of the world’s most luxurious market.

Why Diamonds?

Ordinarily as the demand for new products increase, the price increases, attracting new suppliers who then bring more of these products to the market, which in turn encourages the price to return to its original or lower price. This very basic law of supply and demand in the past has not applied to diamonds because each and every one is undeniably unique. Created by nature, over millions of years, each diamond, regardless of its size or hue has its own properties and its incommunicable quality.